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Gloucester Community Networking

Better Together

GCN Level 3 - Larger Projects for 2019

These projects will include:

  1. GLOS100 WW1 ‘Taste The Trench' and W.O.R.S (War Out Reach in Schools)
  2. Gloucestershire Integrated Veterans' Strategy (GIVS)
  3. Community First Aid Training

We would welcome any organisations who are be able to financially support GCN through offering Community Grants and/or donations. This funding would enable GCN to provide First Aid training that can be tailored for the following Community Groups:

  • Youth Groups
  • Schools & Further Education (which can include PSHE, Duke of Edinburgh's Award and links to other curricular subjects such as Biology & Medicine in History)
  • Adults & Children with pyhsical & learning disabilities
  • Teenagers at Risk of Offending and Reoffending
  • Teen Mental Health, Anger Management and Drug & Alcohol misuse
  • The staff of Charities & Community Groups

GCN welcomes and may seek feedback on the Networking support given, in order to better support similar Referrers in future. Feedback received may also be used on the GCN website and in our literature. However, confidentiality will be kept at all times and no identifying information will be included without the express authorisation of the Referrer.

If you have any questions about our work, would like to become a volunteer or wish to offer any resources to support ‘Gloucester Community Networking’, we welcome hearing from you! Please contact Chris Auker-Howlett via our Contact page ».

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