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Helping GCN Raise Funds

GCN Needs Funds

GCN is totally made up of Volunteers, mostly from the Gloucester Area, some from further afield, and during the year, we try and raise as much funding as possible to enable us to purchase much needed WW1, WW2 and First Aid equipment. This enables GCN to gives talks in local Schools and Colleges about WW1 and WW2 and with the help of military equipment that we have both bought and received as donations, we are able to assist teachers with bringing these two historic events to life.

Milestone School Display

Chosen Hill School Display

Milestone School Display

GCN also helps raise funds for Military Charties, such as Combat Stress » and ABF - The Soldiers' Charity »

Your Donations Really Help!

GCN has set up a PayPal Account, where you can donate any amount to help raise funds for purchasing:

  • Authentic and replica military uniforms from WW1 and WW2
  • Buying First Aid Equipment, such as Resussie Annies & Defibrillators
  • GCN Stationery, such as printer ink and paper & display boards
  • Storage and transport costs for the GCN WW1 Trench Experience

We would be grateful for any donations, large or small, to help us continue to run our major projects in and around the community:

Please help support GCN by donating - no amount is too small!

Clicking the buttons below will take you to our 'GCN Donations Page' via

If you are able to support us, but would prefer to do so via a bank to bank transfer, please Contact us.





Please Note: to ensure your entire donation is received by GCN, at the 'review' page on Pay Pal, before you press 'Send', Click on 'Goods and Services' and select 'For friends and family' - otherwise Paypal will keep part of your donation as their fee.