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Current Projects

Below is a list of projects that GCN is currently involved with.

As an organisation, GCN is looking to assist in raising awareness and funding wherever possible. If you are interested in knowing what you can do to support these projects please read on.

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Live Projects

‘GLOS100’ (2018/2019):

Last year was a very significant one because it marked exactly 100 years of the 'last year' of WW1 & the end of The Great War. Gloucestershire has a long and proud history with the Armed Forces and Gloucester Community Networking (GCN) wanted to positively promote WW1 Centenary Commemorations.

GCN's Level 3 Larger Project Glos100 has evolved to include W.O.R.S. (War Out Reach in Schools) - Supporting Schools with equipment and uniforms that assist teachers in Historical Wars from WW1 and WW2.

Addtionally, GLOS100 have a set Lesson called 'Lest We Forget', which include the following Impacts from WW1:

  • Women at War- 'Votes from War'
  • Under Age Soldiers - 'Joined in their Teens & Shot at Dawn
  • LGBTQ WW1 History - 'Love and Sacrifice'
  • Disabled Veterans- 'Remember the Dead but do not Forget the Living'
  • Mental Health of Veterans- 'Shell Shock to PTSD'
  • Non White British Empire Soldiers- 'The Empire's forgotten Soldiers'

Previous WW1 School visits in 2018 included the following schools: Chosen Hill, Innsworth Junior, Parton Mannor, Ribston Hall High School for Girls.

Glos100 gave 'Lest we Forget' talks at the Gloucester College Campus with the 'Public Services Course' and we went out to the WW1 Battlefields and GCN/Glos100 Networkers, Christopher Auker-Howlett » & Paul Elksnis » assisted the lecturers in giving additional information at the two day WW1 Battlefield trip to the Battlefields in France and in Belgium » in 2018.

'Lest we forget talks' were also given to the general public at the Gloucester Guildhall meeting rooms.

What does ‘GLOS100’ Aim to do?

Give all people of Gloucestershire the opportunity to commemorate the 100 years since the last year and end of World War 1 and to learn how the Great War impacted on individuals and local communities in the county from WW1 and WW2 up to the present day.

Provide quality WW1 educational resources for the present and future generations in Gloucestershire.

Raise money for military charities, whilst linking the social issues from WW1 to the present day for veterans and the general public.

What can you do?

If you want to ensure that Gloucestershire supports the above Aims, please check out the link to the GLOS100 Web pages and assist with either Volunteer time, Grants, Donations of Funds and Resources or by attending the events to learn more about the impacts of WW1.

Visit the Glos100 website »

GCN Level 3, Larger Projects for 2019 will include:

  1. GLOS100 WW1 ‘Taste The Trench' and W.O.R.S (War Out Reach in Schools)
  2. Gloucestershire Integrated Veterans' Strategy (GIVS)
  3. Community First Aid Training

1. GLOS100 WW1 ‘Taste The Trench' and W.O.R.S.

    This year’s GLOS100 - ‘Taste The Trench’ » public event took place on Saturday, 24th August 2019 (part of the Gloucester Retro Weekend - outside Gloucester's Shire Hall)

  • This was especially poignant as GCN celebrated the Centenary of Combat Stress » - 12th May 1919 after the end of WW1.
  • This is classed as a larger, GCN Level 3 Project.
  • The aim was again to both educate and raise money for our 2019 chosen Charity, ‘Combat Stress’ and have links with the other Level 3 Projects, namely the Veterans' Strategy.
  • GCN’s GLOS100 project also included the ‘W.O.R.S.’ - Supporting Schools with equipment and uniforms that support Teachers in Historical Wars from WW1 and WW2.

Can you help us reach our target of £500.00?

GCN needs your help in raising £500.00 in order to buy WW1 and WW2 uniforms that will be used as a resource when supporting the teaching of World War History to school children in the Gloucestershire area.

Your donation, no matter how small, will be gratefully received and would be a tremendous contribution towards buying the equipment that will bring History to life for the next generation to learn about.

2. Gloucestershire Integrated Veterans' Strategy (GIVS) 2018-2019:

There are many ex-serving personnel who return to civilian life and, sometimes through no fault of their own, find it challenging to reintegrate into civilian life; a consequence of which can result in being made homeless.

Through networking with the NHS, Military and other statutory organisations, along with Military Charities in Gloucestershire, GCN has been made aware that there is a lot of amazing work currently underway to support Veterans and their families in Gloucestershire. However, although Gloucestershire has six military units, which includes many Veterans and their families choosing to live in the county, Gloucestershire does not currently have an integrated Veterans' Strategy in place to provide a joined up framework in which to support them.

Supporting the possibility of a Gloucestershire Integrated Veterans Strategy (GIVS)

GIVS Aims:

  • To include:
    • Health (General Physical and Mental Health)
    • Housing
    • Benefits
    • Adult education
    • Employment

What GCN has networked:

Christopher Auker-Howlett » is a Volunteer working with the Alabare - Veterans Homeless Charity », who have a number of accommodation aimed specifically at enabling these Veterans find their feet and help them, hopefully, into their own accommodation and back into a normal routine of home and working life.

As a Volunteer, and as an ex-Army Chef himself, Chris has dedicated a number of his afternoons over the last few years to teaching the Veterans, at the Longlevens home, how to shop economically, resourcefully and how to cook a number of different types of meals, such as curries, chinese and good old British dishes, from scratch! On many occasions, the local Butcher, Nick Browns Butchers » has very generously donated food for Chris to use in these cooking demonstrations.

GCN has facilitated meetings to discuss possible Homes for Veterans with organisations such as Severn Vale Housing » and Alabare Homes for Veterans ».

GCN has networked potential access to Computers for Veterans via Severn Vale Housing » and Computers for Africa ».

GCN, through Jeanette Vizard, also gave information to Alabare about grants from the Barnwood Trust for education and skills for Veterans with mental health and physical disabilities.

Local Shops that have Helped: Tesco Express Longlevens » and Tesco Churchdown »

3. Community First Aid 4 All (FA4A) To Start December 2019:

The Aims of FA4A are:

  • to use the GCN Networker, who will be fully trained, to offer Community First Aid
  • to offer training to individuals and groups ranging from Paediatric, Schools, Youth Groups and up to First Aid at Work Courses with Individuals, Charities, Community Groups, Schools (Junior, Secondary and Further Education)
  • to provide this training at the lowest cost possible

We would welcome any organisations who are able to financially support GCN through offering Community Grants and/or donations. This funding would enable GCN to provide First Aid training that can be tailored for the following Community Groups:

  • Youth Groups
  • Schools & Further Education (which can include PSHE, Duke of Edinburgh's Award and links to other curricular subjects such as Biology & Medicine in History)
  • Adults & Children with physical & learning disabilities
  • Teenagers at Risk of Offending and Reoffending
  • Teen Mental Health, Anger Management and Drug & Alcohol misuse
  • The staff of Charities & Community Groups

Events GCN has attended in 2019

This year marks the centenary of Combat Stress. GCN will be helping to raise funds for this Charity throughout 2019.

We have already taken part in two fundraising events that took place for the Armed Forces Day in Gloucester and Cheltenham.

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pic of janet and chris on combat stress stall

GCN Volunteers Janet Murden and Christopher Auker-Howlett supporting the Combat Stress stand (Celebrating their Centenary 1919-2019 From WW1 'Shell Shock' to present day PTSD). The NHS organised Cheltenham Armed Forces Day on 30th June 2019

pic of GCN members on the Combat Stress stall in Gloucester Quays

GCN members, Jill Davies and Paul Elksnis supporting the Combat Stress stand on Armed Forces Day on June 29th 2019 in the Gloucester Quays.

Tommy the Teddy waiting for customers

Glos100 mascot - Tommy the Teddy was in full form waiting for youngsters to come and say hello!

Youngster posing with Tommy the Teddy

Dressed in WW1 uniform and sporting a bandaged arm, children had the opportunity to don some army uniform and have their picture taken with Tommy the Teddy.

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