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Gloucester Community Networking

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About GCN

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Photo of GCN Founder, Christopher Auker-Howlett

Christopher Auker-Howlett, Founder

What is GCN?

There is currently a lot of great work being carried out by individuals, charities and organisations in and around Gloucestershire. However, the challenge has always been to help network people up with those who need support and resources with those who are able to meet those needs.

Gloucester Community Network (GCN):

  • is a 'Not for Profit' Community Organisation
  • aims to network individuals and organisations who would benefit from knowing about each other's needs and abilities to meet those needs
  • was created in order to help facilitate the bringing together of these needs, resources and this website will hopefully be a platform for the community to use, find and share information and resources
  • has a ‘Constitution’ and a ‘Committee of Volunteers’ who vote on matters arising for GCN and a number of non voting GCN Volunteer Networkers
  • GCN itself is not able to provide funding or resources directly, however, we aim to network/signpost those in need to resources or to those people who have resources and funding to offer