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WORS Is an educational project that raises awareness of the Impacts of ‘War, Conflict and Remembrance' for Children, Young People, the General Public and memory retention of Older People (e.g., to help those with cognitive impairment/Alzheimers).

GCN is able to attend School Assemblies and provide short presentations to both Schools and Youth Groups in order to help bring the teaching of WW1 and WW2 to life. GCN has a number of uniforms and decommissioned weopons that can help fire a young person's imagination!


  1. Support the Teaching of Curriculums
  2. Engage with Schools & Youth Groups during the National Act of Remembrance
  3. Commemorating WWII through drama, music, art, poetry and photography competitions
  4. Celebrating 100 years of the Royal British Legion & the Poppy Appeal (1921 - 2021)
  5. Marking 70 years of the Battle of Imjin at 'Gloster Hill' (1951-2021)

1) Support the Teaching of curriculums, preparation of GCSEs that include WWI, WWII and the Cold War. Additionally, supporting Youth Groups around areas such as 'Remembrance'. We aim to provide low cost or free (where possible) Work Shops and Assemblies with 'Hands On' experience of the following resources:

  1. Uniforms & Equipment
  2. Reenactors in uniform
  3. Fully Decommissioned Weapons
  4. Research literature
  5. Children's Field Hospital
  6. 25 Foot Mobile WWI Trench

2) The GCN 'WORS' Project can support Schools, Youth Groups and the General Public during the run up to the ‘National Act of Remembrance in the UK’ (Sep-Nov) with:

  1. ‘Lest We Forget’ Talks on the Impacts of WW1 covering:
    • Women at War
    • Disabilities
    • LGBTQ sacrifice
    • Underage Soldiers
    • Non-white British Empire Soldiers
    • Mental Health - ‘Shell Shock’

This talk can be used to help reduce the stigma of mental ill health with pupils. This talk can make links between WWI 'Shell Shock’ to the present day 'PTSD' with Veterans, the Emergency Services, Parents, Teachers and Young People themselves, who may need Mental Health Support.

3) WWII Celebrations and Commemorations with - Drama, Music, Art, Poetry & Photography Competitions of:

  1. Victory in Europe (VE Day 8th May 1945)
  2. Victory over Japan (VJ Day 15th August 1945)
  3. Battle of Britain (including the role of our Allies: the Polish Pilots)

4) GLOS100 – celebrating the Post WWI 'Beginning of the Royal British Legion and the Poppy Appeal':

  1. ‘Lest We Forget’ Talks (Zoom or Group Presentations)
  2. Remembrance Talks (Zoom or Group Presentations)
  3. Battle of Britain (including the role of our Allies: the Polish Pilots)
  4. Art
  5. Poetry
  6. Photography
  7. Fundraising for the 2021 Poppy Appeal during COVID-19 Pandemic

5) ‘Gloster Hill’ - Battle of Imjin Mobile Display to mark the Anniversary of the Battle of Imjin River, South Korea, of the Infantry Gloucestershire Regiment, 22nd-25th April 1951, Cold War will include:

  1. Mobile 30-foot Battle Trench, with:
    • HANDS ON - Uniforms & Equipment
    • Reenactors in uniform
    • Fully Decommissioned Weapons
    • Research literature
    • Children's Field Hospital
  2. Heroes of Imjin:
    • Celebrating the Forgotten Heroes of those who fought at this crucial battle
    • Fundraising for Interviews and Artist Drawings of Living Imjin Veterans
    • Recording, sharing and promoting Research, Artefacts and Personal Stories with the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum»
  3. Gloucestershire (UK) & Penguin (South Korea):
    • Celebrating the close connection between the people of South Korea with Gloucestershire Working in Partnership with the ‘Imjin 70’ and the main planned community events in 2021 - see Imjin at 70»
    • Raising the awareness of the first of the Cold War’s Conflicts – The Korean War 1951-1953
    • Raising the awareness of these historical connection and close ties between South Korea and the people of Gloucestershire e.g., the donation of Personal Protective equipment needed by the NHS and front-Line Service during the beginning of the Covid-19 emergency in Gloucestershire.