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Gloucester Community Networking

Better Together

Who are Gloucester Community Networkers?

Lead Networker

Christopher Auker-Howlett » is also the founder and Chair on the Board of Trustees.

Voting Networking Volunteers

There is a GCN Voting Board of Trustees », who are also 'Volunteer Networkers', who find time in their busy lives to support those in need as laid out above. These Networkers have voting roles and bring together their considerable ‘work and life experience’ for the ‘Betterment of GCN’ and ‘those who GCN aims to assist’.

Non-Voting Networking Volunteers

These Networking Volunteers support the larger, Level 3 Networking Projects giving their own time, their life experiences, skills and integrating their wider Networks with GCN's:

  • Roy Ward
  • Janet & Mike Pensom
  • Mark Page
  • Patrick Meulbrouck
  • Ray Pass

Partnered Networking Organisations

Such organisations include:

"I strongly believe that Gloucester Community Networking (GCN) is more than just its founder, it could not achieve its aims without the support and dedication that all our Volunteer Networkers and partnered networking organisations bring".
- Christopher Auker-Howlett (Founder & Lead Networker)

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