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Welcome to the Gloucester Community Networking website!

Photo of GCN Founder, Christopher Auker-Howlett

Christopher Auker-Howlett, Founder

Gloucester Community Networking (GCN), is a small ‘Not for Profit Organisation’, that facilitates the networking between individuals and organisations for the betterment of all!

This site aims to offer a central place aimed at:

  • Making it easier to know what Support Networks there are available in Gloucestershire and National support as and when they are used by GCN

  • Anyone wishing to know what networking is being carried out by GCN

  • Anyone to check out and suggest individuals or organisations that they feel may benefit from being Linked (for free) on this GCN website

  • Anyone wishing to promote what is going on in the local area and wants to be able to network with those groups and bring people together

Events Update

Sadly, the following GCN Projects have been cancelled for 2020 due to COVID-19 Lockdown measures introduced in March 2020:

However, GCN has been supporting Individuals and Organisations where possible. See below.

Victory over Japan Day - 15th August

What is VJ Day?

VJ Day is anniversary of the Victory over Japan, which 'finally' ended World War II (WW2) on August 15th, 1945. We therefore mark this day both in celebration of the ending of WW2 and in commemorating the huge loss of life.

Victory over Japan Day picture of the Japanese Army to the British

Japanese Imperial Army surrending to British Officers.

Chris Auker-Howlett, Founder of GCN and of the W.O.R.S. project (Wars Outreach in Schools) lives in Churchdown and wanted to Network individuals and community groups with a common focus on the 75th VJ Day Anniversary.


Bunting being put up around Churdown ready for VJ Day.

Video of VJ Day Service

Christopher Auker-Howlett and Mary Jordan conduct a brief, but poignant, Service outside St. John's Church in Churchdown.

The links below include family stories of Military Service Personnel fighting, dying and experiencing the horrors of being in Japan's Prisoner of War Camps.

However, we also wanted to include information on the final acts of WW2 with the terrible loss of life with the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

VJ Day Facebook Page

Please visit our Glos Virtual 75th VJ Day page » for more information.

VJ Day Wreaths

Christopher Auker-Howlett recycling Remembrance Day Poppy Wreaths for VJ Day.

Latest News

27th June 2020

Photo of Christopher Auker-Howlett in the Churchdown Tesco branch in front of GCN Display Boards.

Armed Forces Day Display Boards »

All of June 2020

Photo of Christopher Auker-Howlett with Gillian Craig in the Churchdown Tesco branch in front of Gillian's information board.

Gillian Craig's 500 mile Sponsored walk for Combat Stress »

Link to All GCN News »

Glos 100 Website

One of the main projects GCN has been concentrating on since 2018 is named "Glos100" and ran throughout 2018 to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War. We are thrilled to announce that we helped raise over £5,000 for various charities, such as:

Visit the GLOS100 website »

We have unfortunately had to cancel further WW1 and other events since March 2020, due to the Covid-19 restrictions. However, GCN will be helping to commemorate the upcoming Victory over Japan » day that halted the ongoing and bloody battles but at the same time heralded in the age of the Atomic Bomb, which indiscriminately killed millions of Japanese civilians in Hiroshima » and Nagasaki »

We held a number of fundraising events in 2018, including:

You can find a complete list of WW1 related events that have taken place by visting our Glos 100 Press Release page »