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Welcome to the Gloucester Community Networking website!


What is GCN?

Gloucester Community Networking (GCN), is a small ‘Not for Profit Organisation’, that facilitates the networking between individuals and organisations for the betterment of all!

Our Aims:

To 'strengthen' and 'build NETWORKS' between people in NEED and potential RESOURCES to meet those needs within the diverse communities in Gloucestershire.

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Examples of how GCN can help:

Need: There has been an increased 'need' of people with Mental Ill Health due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meeting this Need: GCN has built 'networks' of 'resources' by providing FREE First Aid 4 Mental Health training in our communities.

BBC Radio Gloucestershire

GCN Interview - 25/06/21

Christopher Auker-Howlett talks to Dominic Cotter about Gloucester's Armed Forces Day 2021, what's going on in the area and how GCN will be raising money for Combat Stress

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Raising money for Combat Stress at this year's Armed Forces Day Event. This year GCN helped to raise £511.65!

Mental Health Awareness PowerPoint Presentation

Below are the presentation slides (in video format) created by GCN that is showing at the Churchdown Community Centre during the Covid-19 Vaccincation Programme. The aim of this presentation is to provide people with useful information regarding Mental Health and details of Organisations that can be of help.

First Aid 4 Mental Health Training

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Churchdown Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic

Location: Churchdown Community Centre, Parton Road, Gloucester

GCN have made the following short video to give you advanced knowledge of the "what, where and how" about receiving your Covid-19 Vaccination.

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GCN Projects

Our three main projects for 2021 are shown below. Click anywhere inside each Project Box for more information.

First Aid Picture
First Aid for All Logo

First Aid 4 All


FA4A aims to provide General First Aid & Mental Health courses at discounted prices:

First Aid At Work Qualifications »

First Aid for Mental Health Qualifications »

Tailor made Awareness Courses for:

  • Schools
  • Youth Organisations
  • Community Groups

War Out Reach In Schools


WORS aims to provide resources for Schools, Colleges, Youth & Elderly Groups and Public Events covering:

WW1 & WW2

  • Mobile Trench
  • Uniforms
  • Literature

Cold War

  • 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Imjin

Remembrance Act

  • 100th Year of the Poppy Appeal
  • 100th Year of the Royal British Legion

Businesses that have helped GCN

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Glos 100 Website

One of the main projects GCN has been concentrating on since 2018 is named "Glos100" and ran throughout 2018 to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War. We are thrilled to announce that we helped raise over £5,000 for various charities, such as:

Visit the GLOS100 website »

We have unfortunately had to cancel further WW1 and other events since March 2020, due to the Covid-19 restrictions. However, GCN was able to commemorate Victory over Japan » day that halted the ongoing and bloody battles but at the same time heralded in the age of the Atomic Bomb, which indiscriminately killed millions of Japanese civilians in Hiroshima » and Nagasaki »

We held a number of fundraising events in 2018 and 2019, including:

You can find a complete list of WW1 related events that have taken place by visting our Glos 100 Press Release page »


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