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POPPY100 - WW1 Display

Churchdown School Academy

October-November 2021

GCN's 'WORS' (War Out Reach in Schools) educational project set up a 'POPPY100'- 'WW1 Display' Churchdown Academy School, ready for the new half term and Remembrance 2021.

GCN's Poppy100 WW1 Display

About this Poppy100 WW1 Display

GCN's POPPY100 Display was part carried out to celebrate the Centenary of the beginning of the Royal British Legion and the Poppy Appeal in 1921.

Additionally, with this display, we wanted to show the diversity during WW1 with the impacts on early 20th century life during and just after WW1 Including:

  • Forgotten Empire (1.5 million Indians, 16,000 Afro-Caribbean & 1 million Africans involved in WW1)
  • LGBTQ+ such as Wilfred Owen (gay Officer and War Poet)
  • Underaged Soldiers - approx. 200,000 under 18s joined up
  • Women at War (both at home and on the War Front making shells and nursing the wounded etc.)
  • Disability of Veterans
  • Mental Health from Shell Shock to PTSD and making links to the present day impacts on the mental health of teenagers caused by Covid-19 and the long periods of 'lockdown'.

We also included GCSE History 'Medicine Through The Ages' showing Trench Models, Medical Evacuation Routes and an example of a Casualty Clearing Station display with a nurse manikin and a model of an injured soldier.

We can use these displays either in part or as large displays for Schools, Youth Groups and Communty Displays, especially around the period of Remembrance.

Intentional spaces were left throughout the display to allow pupils and staff to add their own elements, e.g., religions involved in WW1 etc.

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