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Supreme Perspective

Photographer used by GCN

Whatever your perspective, make it supreme!
We specialise in creating photo and video memories for all occasions.

Hi, I'm Rich, owner of Supreme Perspective »

I love the outdoors and all that comes with it. I also love taking photos and making fantastic memories.

From my early days of military service with Buster, searching for Arms and Explosives, to my second career as a teacher, I've always had the ability to work in harmony with many different personalities.

With high standards instilled in me at an early age, alongside my honesty and integrity, I can be trusted to deliver a great result for you, every time!

I've lived an exciting life so far and witnessed many good, bad, fun, and sad experiences, in many different roles. This has helped me form a 'supreme perspective'! Now at your service, I look forward to helping you make and capture your own photo and video memories, whatever they may be.

For as long as I've had a camera, I've been taking photos of anything and everything, from many different perspectives! Scenery, sport, people and pets are my passion. In my experience, pets and families are at their most natural in their own environment, whereas to capture scenery and sport you need to be there, immersed in the moment, ready and waiting!

Please get in touch to design your personalised project, and together we can start capturing those memories.

I've captured most of the landmarks in Gloucestershire, I also regularly venture into the Wye Valley, the Malvern hills, and further afield to my 'happy place' in the Black Mountains. I have also photographed stunning buildings, scenery and families around the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA. I'm a military veteran and ex teacher with an enhanced DBS and full insurance. With creativity and integrity at the core, I can deliver for you.

Do you need a different perspective for your business identity? A pet portrait or your treasured moments captured? Does your sports club need tactical analysis? Or your website need a refreshed look? Would you like an aerial photograph of your own property?

If you said 'YES' to any of the above, we have it covered. Both on the ground and in the air, we can adapt to meet your needs. Using innovative techniques and state of the art equipment, we can achieve the results you are visualising in your mind right now!

Supreme Perspective caters for all your photography and videography needs. We are guided by your request, so what we do is completely bespoke to you.. There are 3 parts to our business.

  1. Our drones can take high quality photographs from the air. We can also provide 4K video footage from the air. We can fly up to 120m (400ft) high to achieve this.
  2. Our state of the art cameras can provide high quality static photography. This can be a photoshoot, on location, or as your needs require.
  3. Our state of the art cameras can provide high quality video footage. We can produce short content for your social media, up to longer promotional content to meet your needs.

The Civil Aviation Agency have classed drones under 250g as safe to fly in residential areas. They can also fly over people, and get closer than larger drones. This gives our drones a distinct advantage as they are able to capture images a lot closer than larger drones.

However, safety is our number one priority and in addition to the CAA rules, all pilots at Supreme Perspective carry out a thorough Risk Assessment before take off. This includes checking the weather forecast, especially for high wind speeds, and a site survey to include checking that all areas requested in the flight path are clear, safe, and accessible.

All pilots have Flyer ID's and Operator ID's that are provided by the Civil Aviation Authority on completion of training requirements. As our drones are currently below 250g, we do not need an A2CofC. However all pilots will study towards their A2CofC qualification as part of their CPD.

We suggest a minimum of 2 hours for smaller projects, this will allow time for a site survey, a dynamic risk assessment, and approximately 90 minutes flying time to record all content required.

Drones can be booked for 2 hours, or half a day (4 hours), We will discuss the most appropriate time needed for your project as part of the booking process.

We suggest allowing a minimum of 90 minutes if you are intending to change outfits, or have babies / toddlers that might need changing. This allows time for a positive rapport to be established, especially with little ones. The more relaxed they are, the better the photos will be!

If we are coming to you, we would also need to set up / take down equipment. Don't worry, we travel light!

Our Roof Surveys will deliver your content within 1 hour following our visit as these are generally easier to process.

All other content will need to be sifted and produced and will depend on the size of your project. This will be discussed at part of the booking process. As a rough guide, 90 minutes of drone footage can be delivered within 24 hours. Whereas a promotional video may take up to 7 days 

Disclaimer: Supreme Perspective works independtly from GCN and, as such, any contact you have with or any services provided by this 3rd party is strictly between you and them. GCN is purely providing information regarding what companies are out there in our community and may highlight what charitable services they have provided to GCN.