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W.O.R.S. - Milestone School - Day 2, 24/09/19

GCN NETWORKING: War Out-Reach in Schools Project

Day 2 at The Milestone School » with pupils needing more Sensory Experience with the WW1 - 'War Out Reach in Schools' project (W.O.R.S.), due to the increased levels of children with disabilities.

Photo of Chris & Roy showing the pupils the different Hats and Helmets worn in WW1

Chris Auker-Howlett outside entrance to Milestone School

Approx 30 x pupils using Touch, Smell, Sight and Hearing with mixture of WW1 uniforms and equipment enabled them to gain a much fuller experience of what they were being shown.

Other resources given to Milestone School today included: Paper Mache Helmets for pupils to camouflage with Hessian material and also some cut-out WW1 British Mk1 Tanks!

Note: better pictures will be published once Milestone School has received parents' permission

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