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Janet Murden

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I am a Trustee of GCN and have known Chris Auker-Howlett », Paul Elksnis » and Jill Davies » for several years as friends and my husband, Gary Murden », is also a GCN Trustee.

My background is as a Chartered Physiotherapist », working within the National Health Service (NHS) » , eventually specialising in Paediatrics, working with children in Gloucestershire and their families as a clinical specialist and within special education settings.

I have always worked closely with other disciplines, both within the NHS and in the wider community, including Education, parent networks and Social Services. Team work, setting joint objectives and communication between disciplines have been the keystone of my working practices and continue to be important within the GCN network.

Mental health, counselling and how the mind and body are closely linked has been a professional interest. It has now been proven by research that exercising and being outdoors improves mood, anxiety and mental health and I endorse this as a positive contribution to managing anxiety and stress.

My grandfather served in WW1, my father in WW2 and I have a family member in the Royal Air Force (RAF) » and a friend in the British Army ». Both have served in recent conflicts around the world. I feel it is our duty to support our Armed forces as much as we can and to always remember the sacrifices they made in the past and still do. I now have more time in early retirement to give something back and GCN volunteering enables me to do this.