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Chosen Hill School - Open Evening

GCN NETWORKING: Assisting History Teachers with our W.O.R.S. Project

Gloucester Community Networking was invited to highlight our War Out Reach in Schools (W.O.R.S.) educational project in support of the History Department at the Chosen Hill School 'Open Evening' that was held on Thursday, 26th September 2019 between 6pm and 8.30pm.

War Out Reach in Schools (W.O.R.S.) Information & Donations greatly received

GCN Volunteers Roy Ward, Patrcik Meulbrouck & Paul Elksnis were a great help with transporting, setting up and striping down the inside of our WW1 Mobile Trench inside one of the History classrooms.

GCN Volunteer Patrick Meulbrouck

Then Chris and Patrick (who was dressed in a WW1 Officers Uniform) were on hand to support the staff of the History Department and pupils to discuss how History can be taught at the school to parents and children from many local Junior schools who may be attending Chosen Hill next year (2020).

GCN Volunteers and History Staff at Chosen Hill School

These future pupils of Chosen Hill school were shown how living history, via our W.O.R.S. project, can support the teaching of Medicine through History from Medieval times to WW1 and to the NHS.

GCN Volunteer, Patrick Meulbrouck, with Chosen Hill School pupils, trying on WW1 uniform items

Chosen Hill Poppies hightlight the History of Women at War and Shell Shock, WW1

GCN Volunteer, Patrick Meulbrouck, with Chosen Hill School pupils, trying on WW1 uniform items

The feedback from the History staff and from several parents was very positive and the whole History Department was one of the best School Subject displays during the open evening.

War Out Reach in Schools (W.O.R.S.) display in partnership with Chosen Hill History Department

Additional artifacts and an actual Artwork that was very helpful in explaining how 'Artillery Shells Injured Soldiers' came from Mr Andrew Niblett, who has turned past 'weapons of war' into amazing 'works of art', including parts of 'Shells and Landmines'.

W.O.R.S. Artefacts, brining History to life

Andrew is a long time friend of Chris (GCN Founder), who has graciously allowed GCN to sell some of his 'War to Peace' artwork pieces, with a percentage going to our W.O.R.S. Educational Project.

Wars to Peace hand-made pottery & Military munitions, made by Andrew Niblett

Please check out the amazing artworks on the pictures. If you would like to buy some of these please contact Chris Auker-Howlett via the Contacts Page » on the GCN website.

GCN Founder, Chris Auker-Howlett & History Teacher, Mr Jeffreys (who taught Patrick Meulbrouck History at Chosen Hill)

GCN Volunteer, Patrick Meulbrouck, teaching History staff to wear WW1 Uniform

W.O.R.S. bringing History to life

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