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Churchdown Vaccination Clinic Video & First Aid 4 Mental Health

Churchdown Community Centre

February 2021

GCN NETWORKING: Chris Auker-Howlett (GCN Founder) created a video showing what patients should expect when arriving at the vaccination clinic to receive their Covid-19 vaccine. Chris also created a slide show of information relating to Mental Health Services that patients could watch during the 15 mins waiting time after receiving their jab.

Gloucester Community Networking (GCN) aims to network the ‘Needs’ and Resources’ within our community

GCN was asked By Rachel HODGES-COX (Social Prescribing Link Worker at the Churchdown GP Surgery) to promote the ‘need’ for ‘Voluntary Marshalls’ for the ‘Churchdown COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic’ via our Resources with the GCN Social Media Networks.

Our promotion of this need saw over 7,000 views on our GCN Facebook page and GCN supported the Churchdown Surgery in gaining approx. 300 Volunteers.

Through GCN’s project, ‘First Aid 4 Mental Health’, we are supporting the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic with the promoting of the ‘need’ for First Aid 4 Mental Health in our community and with the impact that Covid-19 lockdowns can have on all of our mental health. Via our Resources from our ‘First Aid 4 Mental Health Project’ we have supplied and set up:

  • Posters and Notice Boards around the Clinic
  • A ‘Rotating Slide Show’ (see video below) in the Post Injection Waiting Area covering ‘First Aid For Mental Health’ and information on Wellbeing with details of useful Organisations
  • See pictures below:

Mental Health Awareness PowerPoint Presentation

Below are the presentation slides (in video format) created by GCN that is showing at the Churchdown Community Centre during the Covid-19 Vaccincation Programme. The aim of this presentation is to provide people with useful information regarding Mental Health and details of Organisations that can be of help.

Feel free to download or share.

Note: there is a 10 second delay between slides

The GCN First Aid 4 Mental Health project will also be:

  • Condensing information into a Leaflet, which can be found in the Carers waiting area. These leaflets aim to meet the ‘needs’ of carers, their families and those having the vacination to provide useful information about organisations that might be able to empower them to seek self help, as well as NHS resources.

  • Networking and Producing a ‘Get to Know your Covid-19 Vaccine Clinic’ Video (see top of this page). This Video aims to meet the ‘need’ to reduce stress and anxiety of those people coming for their vaccination, especially those people in our community who have not been outside much due to shielding, lockdowns and/or their own mental health needs.

    This Video was shot with help of Rachel from the Churchdown Surgery and Chris Evans from the Butterfly Garden Project, Dundry Nursery with an addtional aim to help reduce stress and anxiety for people with learning and physical disabilities.

Gloucester Community Networking would like to thank Tewkesbury Borough Council for awarding a Grant from their COVID-19 Emergency Fund . This Grant has enabled our First Aid Mental Health trainer, Christopher Auker-Howlett to become qualified to Teach ‘Mental First Aid’, with Qualifications for Learners and CPD.

In addition, our trainer will also be offering tailor-made ‘Mental Health Awareness’ sessions via Pod Casts, Zoom and face-to-face where possible.