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Butterly Garden Volunteers help GCN in readiness for our next event

GCN NETWORKING: Strengthing ties with the Butterfly Garden charity and its volunteers

The Butterfly Garden is an amazing haven offering a scheme that is recreational, educational and therapeutic to people of all ages who are dealing with disablement of any kind.

Butterfly Garden Charity Logo

The Butterfly Garden is helping GCN revamp and extend the GCN WW1 Trench this is used as a interactive display at GCN events, predominantly at the Gloucester Retro Weekend event, Taste the Trench, next taking place on 24th August 2019 outside Gloucester County Council Shire Hall (Westgate Street).

Photo of the new GCN WW1 Trench Photo of volunteers with hessian sandbags

Volunteers at the Butterfly Garden also helped sew sandbags together in readiness for this year's event. They disassebled old VHS video tapes and filled hessian bags (in the shape of sandbags) with the reels of tape. This not only makes the sandbags lightweight and waterproof, but is also an excellent way of recycling the tapes to help reduce what would have possibly gone into landfill.

The Trench is also available for hire, for a small fee. Please contact Christopher Auker-Howlett for further information.