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Armed Forces day

27th June 2020

GCN NETWORKING: Raising awareness of W.O.R.S. and G.I.V.S. Projects

Due to Covid-19 Social Distancing Restrictions, all public events to mark this year's Armed Forces Day have been cancelled.

26th-30th June 2020 - GCN’s educational projects ‘W.O.R.S.’ – ‘War Out Reach in School’ & ‘G.I.V.S.’ – ‘Gloucestershire Integrated Veterans Strategy’ set up a camouflage table with yellow information display boards at ‘Churchdown Tescos’, in front of the Customer Services Desk, to raise awareness about the 2020 Armed Forces Day.

Tesco, Churchdown branch, with their great staff and Gillian Craig.

The Display boards also highlighted several public information messages:

Information Board with details of Impacts of Mental Health.

‘W.O.R.S.’ – ‘War Out Reach in Schools’ - WW1 & WW2 Living history for schools, youth groups and public displays.

Chris Auker-Howlett (Lead Networker for W.O.R.S. & G.I.V.S. Chris is also an Army Veteran and Volunteer for Combat Stress for Information and Fundraising advice).

‘G.I.V.S.’ – ‘Gloucestershire Integrated Veterans Strategy’ – Assist with strengthening Networking with Civilian, Military Statutory and Voluntary individuals, groups and organisations in Gloucestershire.