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Gloucestershire Armistice Commemorations 2019

11th November 2019

GCN NETWORKING: Gloucester Community Networking's Founder, Chris Auker-Howlett, supported three Remembrance themed events around Gloucestershire (Cheltenham - Stroud - Gloucester)

Morning of 11th Nov 2019:

Stanway Centre, Cheltenham

NHS Mental Health Remembrance Service with 2 min silence. Big thanks goes to Jan Bagnal, Clinical Lead - "Let's Talk" (MHICT NORTH) for organising the event at The Stanway Centre-Cheltenham », who support Veterans with PTSD and other mental health issues.

Stanway Centre, Cheltenham

Also thanks to Gail Anderson who made the Cement poppies for sale and those who bought the poppies with money going to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal ».

Messages of Remembrance were written by Pupils at Churchdown Academy. These Messages were attached to the Cam Net (On loan from GCN)

Stanway Remembrance Tree

Afternoon of 11th Nov 2019:

Foxmoor Primary School, Stroud

GCN NETWORKING: Remembrance & W.O.R.S. (War Out Reach in Schools) educational project - ‘Lest We Forget’ Work Shop & Assembly

Some great poppy poems written by Miss Beale’s Class, which Chris selected to be read out in front of the school in the Remembrance Assembly.

When you hear people saying that schools don’t cover WW1 & WW2, I can gladly say this is an outdated comment. - Chris Auker-Howlett

Foxmoor Primary School Logo (click for website)

As with Foxmoor, Milstones and other schools that GCN has given its W.O.R.S. War Out Reach in Schools Workshops, we can safely say that schools do put in a lot of hard work and make age appropriate education activities with their pupils on these two World Wars and Remembrance.

Big thank you to Hannah Beale Teacher & Army Cadet Force Major for inviting us in and allowing us to carry out the Remembrance work.

Photo of Major Hannah Beale

Major Hannah Beale, Teacher at Foxmoor Primary School

Also thank you to the Foxmoor Pupils and Staff for presenting GCN with 2 large Pottery Poppies we will be Raffling at least one poppy for our W.O.R.S. - War Out Reach in School Educational project).

Pottery Poppies present by Foxmoor Pupils and Staff

Evening of 11th Nov 2019 :

9th Gloucester Brownies and Rainbows

GCN NETWORKING: Remembrance Talk

Finally, we gave a Remembrance Talk to the 9th Gloucester Brownies and Rainbows » at Lonsdale Church Hall (off Elmbridge Road).

GCN were invited by Fire Officer and Parent of a Brownie, Dean Allan to give a 'lest we forget' talk

Great bunch of smiling little ones with lots of good questions. We had the honour of presenting the Brownies with their Poppy Badges and we were presented with an honorary Guiding Poppy Badge in return.

Guiding badge presented to Chris Auker-Howlett as a thanks for giving the talk

It is a very tiring but proud time of the year around Remembrance and we Veterans are very impressed with the work all of these Statutory and Voluntary organisations are taking part in.