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Poppy Collecting - Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, 2019

26th October - 11th November 2019.

GCN NETWORKING: Supporting the British Legion & Promoting Remembrance Sunday Parade, St. John's Church

GCN volunteers took part and Organised the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, 2019 » at TESCO Churchdown Branch » on Cheltenham Road East.

A massive "THANK YOU" goes to the Staff at Tesco, Tesco Customers & all the Volunteer Poppy Collectors for their generosity again this year.

Tesco Management: Tim, Hannah & Neil

The tremendous amount of *** £3448.99 *** was collected in store, with £3302.00 of that total being collected by the Poppy Collectors on the Poppy Stand located at the store entrance!

Chris Auker-Howlett with Tesco Store Management and Veteran Volunteer

The Tesco staff were great in looking after some of our veterans with cups of tea.

Gunner, Chris Berry, Poppy Collecting

This year we were a little short on Poppy Collectors. Poppy Collecting normally takes place between 10am and 6pm Mon-Sat (4pm on a Sunday)

Lesley Flanagan, the wife of one of our Soldiers

If you, or anyone you know, would like to become a Poppy Collector please contact Chris Auker-Howlett via our Contact Form.

Below is a picture of our Appreciation Board for the monies raised by the great efforts of the Poppy Collectors, the Tesco Staff and most of all the great Tesco Customers!

Christopher Auker-Howlett with Tim Chapman - Store Manager, Tesco, Churchdown Branch